Recon-2 architecture on MAX1000

I’ve managed to complete another flavour of Nios system – Recon-2 The major feature of this architecture is the SDRAM controller which allows you to run much larger software. If you’re not familiar with FPGA hardware development, you can straightaway use this setup with MAX1000 board. The fpga image is checked in. All you […]

Max1000 ADC example

We’ve created an example with NIOS-II microcontroller to demonstrate on-chip ADC of MAX10 device using the MAX1000 board. The system features: + 80MHz system clock + On-chip flash to store program and fpga configuration. Program can be executed in flash. + 16kB RAM for Programme and Data + 4kB RAM for exceptions handlers + 32 […]

First test run of MAX1000 kit

After having the MAX1000, I quickly added max1000 project under the recon-0. Copied from the bemicro_max10 project, updated input frequency, updated pin-out to fit the max1000, done. Lauched Intel Quartus SDK NIOS shell and generate a new bsp. From software application point of view, it should be the same for both MAX1000 and BEMICRO MAX10 […]

MAX1000 kit review

I’ve just received this cute little board: MAX1000, US$30 board made by Trenz shipped by Arrow. The whole kit came in a box that looks like a match box, a small operating instruction leaflet which doesn’t tell you much. Most of the useful stuff are from Trenz website. The kit targets IoT and start-ups claiming […]

Simple Logic Gates

This is an example of how the Tidy Kit can be used to create simple logic gates and glue logic. In this example, we’re using 2 push buttons to demonstrate the operations of OR and AND gates. The example consists of 2 steps: Wiring the switches and LEDS on the bread board Creating a bit […]