Max1000 ADC example

We’ve created an example with NIOS-II microcontroller to demonstrate on-chip ADC of MAX10 device using the MAX1000 board. The system features: + 80MHz system clock + On-chip flash to store program and fpga configuration. Program can be executed in flash. + 16kB RAM for Programme and Data + 4kB RAM for exceptions handlers + 32 […]

First test run of MAX1000 kit

After having the MAX1000, I quickly added max1000 project under the recon-0. Copied from the bemicro_max10 project, updated input frequency, updated pin-out to fit the max1000, done. Lauched Intel Quartus SDK NIOS shell and generate a new bsp. From software application point of view, it should be the same for both MAX1000 and BEMICRO MAX10 […]

MAX1000 kit review

I’ve just received this cute little board: MAX1000, US$30 board made by Trenz shipped by Arrow. The whole kit came in a box that looks like a match box, a small operating instruction leaflet which doesn’t tell you much. Most of the useful stuff are from Trenz website. The kit targets IoT and start-ups claiming […]

Simple Logic Gates

This is an example of how the Tidy Kit can be used to create simple logic gates and glue logic. In this example, we’re using 2 push buttons to demonstrate the operations of OR and AND gates. The example consists of 2 steps: Wiring the switches and LEDS on the bread board Creating a bit […]