Where to buy electronic components

If you’re in Australia, I’d suggest RS-Online (http://au.rs-online.com/web/). Those guys are great, local Australian office, ship the next few days, toys arrive within 1 week. All components are complete with original data-sheets from manufacturers. Before RS-Online, I did buy from Jaycar but I got doubtful about the manufacturers of their products. They carry lots of products with DURATECH brand but I just couldn’t find that manufacturer online. I also find their components are kind of overpriced.  For example:

– White LED from Jaycar, and from rs-online.

I was shocked at the counter when I picked up the blue LED @2.75 a piece compared to RS-ONLINE and (I have not even compared the luminosity of the 2 parts).

Capacitors: Jaycar, rs-online and you know that the part is PANASONIC, good brand.

If you can’t find your components on RS-Online then these guys are also good:

  • Mouser (http://au.mouser.com/ for orders above AUD$60)
  • Element 14 (http://au.element14.com/, free delivery for orders above AUD$45)
  • Digikey (http://www.digikey.com.au/, free delivery for orders above AUD$60, they’ve recently reduce the Free Shipping threshold from AU$200 to AU$60, not sure if it’s permanent or temporary)
  • Arrow (http://www.arrow.com). They from time to time ship to Australia for free. Due to their confusing website, I still can’t figure out what’s the terms condition for shipping to Australia.

Digikey has the largest collection of components. I’ve never failed to find the components that I need there. Digikey also offers lower price for the same parts compared to Mouser or Element-14.

Another option is www.aliexpress.com. Is Aliexpress safe? I have good experience with them so far but I won’t recommend buying Integrated Circuits from that site. Just be careful and look at the feedback, make sure you see good feedbacks there. I tried to leave feedback and their feedback system seemed to be genuine. The persons handling my order were also polite and responded to my questions quickly. I’d recommend Aliexpress for hobbyists’ simple electronic parts such as LED, resistors, capacitors, connectors, precision tools such as pliers, screw-drivers … That site does have problem of long shipping time. All of my purchases arrived within 3 weeks. I got used to “set and forget” mode when buying from. I honestly think that hobbyists and makers worldwide are benefiting from those guys. The Taiwanese have been in the electronic business for a long time.

I’ve recently come across this guy: http://www.auselectronicsdirect.com.au.

I’m quite happy with their price of a few items that I searched for. They seem to be genuinely not trying to rip you off 😀 … bravo!

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