MS8217A/MS8217 multimeter

I’ve just done some testing of this HUAYI MS8217A/MS8217 with my limited hobbyist grade tools. This multimeter compares well with the more expensive and more widely used TENMA. I used this myself and so far I’m quite happy with it. This multimeter has been reviewed under the name AIMOMETER here:

The reviewer raised a few points in terms of quality especially the high current shunt metal piece. So I did some tests and experiments on the questionable short. The meter works fine and that little short metal piece is a small resistor used for current sensing.

Although, it may have some cosmetic issue (typos and internal rework). I find it’s quite accurate and works as expected. Although the 10A fuse is not protecting anything actually. This is probably a design mistake but so long as we’re aware and don’t torture it with every high current, I think we’re safe.

Here’s my video

Huayi has redesigned the multimeter with different PCB and form factor with the same similar name MS8217.


Here’s the internal design and layout of this meter for your curiosity


And some simple tests.

These multimeters are available at my store DIGITAL MULTIMETERS


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