Autodesk Fusion360 3D modelling tool

I became really excited when discovering Fusion360 Tool. This 3D modelling tool allows humble makers like me to design and manufacture 3D objects at ease. I’ve used many other free 3D tools but they’re all not satisfactory. I was really impressed by the following features of Fusion360 Tool:

  • Free for hobbyists or start up. Yes, no charge!
  • Parametric capabilities.  Imagine your dimensions are constrained and tied to each other. Fusion 360 is the only free tool that allows you to have variables for your dimensions. Just one change, all related parameters are updated.
  • Intuitive GUI and modelling concepts. I’ve never watched any tutorial or help. Everything I need is intuitively setup and it’s super easy to navigate. If you love geometry you’ll love the timeline and the way objects are constructed based on each other. Superb!
  • Assembly and motion simulation.

There are tons of other features that I have not gotten a chance to use. I refer you to these more thorough reviews to convince you to try absolutely free Fusion360.

I’m greatly thankful to those who designed and implemented this awesome tool.

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