Learning digital electronic with CPLD

This is our freshly made product – Tidy:

This kit features a versatile programmable device – Altera MAX V CPLD and a prototyping area. It is designed for beginners who want to learn digital logic circuits. We believe this kit can deliver the fundamental concepts of digital electronic and programmable logic design skills using device and tools that are widely used in the industry.

Altera MAX V Complex programmable logic device (CPLD):

  • FPGA-like architecture with one Look-up table (LUT) and one register packed into one Logic Cell.
  • E64 package with 54 IO pins driving the an array of 2.54mm pitched prototyping area.
  • On chip oscillator or on board 24MHz oscillator
  • Simple to use as glue logic, level translator or signal generator.
  • IOs are 5-V tolerant but required an external clamping diode.

2.54mm pitched array of plated through-holes:

  • 4 rails of voltages can be selected by 4 jumpers. The board provides 800mA regulated 1.8V and 3.3V supplies, and can be powered with a mini USB cable.
  • H801 and H802 are positioned with UNO R3 connector dimensions.
  • The 2.54mm-pitched array is designed to pair with different types of breadboard. Any ordinary breadboards can be fitted to the kit with some soldering. The CPLD has 54 IOs that can access to all the pins on the bread board, which makes things look much tidier.


Here’s how it looks at the back of the board.  The bread board is only soldered into SMD headers and is removable from the main Tidy Kit board. It helps a lot when you need to route buses.

More information regarding board dimensions and signal to pin mapping


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