Timer and LED Blinking with QuartusII schematic

Timer is an important component in digital design. It’s used to keep track of time or quantities. Quartus has a library of parameterized modules (LPM) which includes the counter/timer that is ready to be dropped into your schematic. This example lets you blink 2 lights at different frequencies using Quartus’ lpm_counter.

The type of counter we’re going to use is binary up counter. We are going to connect 2 pins of the MAX V device to the 2 LEDs as shown below. The MAX 10 Device is programmed to contain the 25-bit counter. 25-bit gives you 2^25 = 33554432 cycles which equals to 1.3981 seconds ( 33554432 * 1/24000000).


Then in Quartus, we create this schematic:

Full project can be downloaded here. Remember to update your pin assignment to suit your breadboard connection.



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