Max1000 ADC example

We’ve created an example with NIOS-II microcontroller to demonstrate on-chip ADC of MAX10 device using the MAX1000 board. The system features: + 80MHz system clock + On-chip flash to store program and fpga configuration. Program can be executed in flash. + 16kB RAM for Programme and Data + 4kB RAM for exceptions handlers + 32 […]

Simple Logic Gates

This is an example of how the Tidy Kit can be used to create simple logic gates and glue logic. In this example, we’re using 2 push buttons to demonstrate the operations of OR and AND gates. The example consists of 2 steps: Wiring the switches and LEDS on the bread board Creating a bit […]

Code alignment in Geany

Inspired by the Code-Alignment Plug-in in Notepad++, I’ve created a tcl/tk script that aligns your code by characters of your choice. It turns out that it’s not so difficult but it seems like it didn’t exist. The Geany has nice feature that it can send out block of text to a command and replace by […]

FPGA-based 32-bit RISC NIOSII processor as an alternative for AVR/Atmega

FPGA-based processors such as NIOS/MicroBlaze are capable of doing pretty amazing stuff. I’m surprised that so far it’s not very popular amongst the electronic enthusiasts. The strength of FPGA-based embedded system is that it’s so flexible. It allows you to configure each individual peripheral for your system, define address ranges … etc, BUT this is also the weakness […]