Recon-2 architecture on MAX1000

I’ve managed to complete another flavour of Nios system – Recon-2 The major feature of this architecture is the SDRAM controller which allows you to run much larger software. If you’re not familiar with FPGA hardware development, you can straightaway use this setup with MAX1000 board. The fpga image is checked in. All you […]

First test run of MAX1000 kit

After having the MAX1000, I quickly added max1000 project under the recon-0. Copied from the bemicro_max10 project, updated input frequency, updated pin-out to fit the max1000, done. Lauched Intel Quartus SDK NIOS shell and generate a new bsp. From software application point of view, it should be the same for both MAX1000 and BEMICRO MAX10 […]

Recon-0 platform

After the previous post, I thought maybe we should have a collection of different flavours of NIOSII system, so that new comers can jump on board quickly, download the configuration file and start to do interesting things straight away. So I’ve created a “Recon” project hosted on github. I hope that the repository would be built up […]