FPGA-based 32-bit RISC NIOSII processor as an alternative for AVR/Atmega

FPGA-based processors such as NIOS/MicroBlaze are capable of doing pretty amazing stuff. I’m surprised that so far it’s not very popular amongst the electronic enthusiasts. The strength of FPGA-based embedded system is that it’s so flexible. It allows you to configure each individual peripheral for your system, define address ranges … etc, BUT this is also the weakness […]

Autodesk Fusion360 3D modelling tool

I became really excited when discovering Fusion360 Tool. This 3D modelling tool allows humble makers like me to design and manufacture 3D objects at ease. I’ve used many other free 3D tools but they’re all not satisfactory. I was really impressed by the following features of Fusion360 Tool: Free for hobbyists or start up. Yes, no charge! Parametric […]

MS8217A/MS8217 multimeter

I’ve just done some testing of this HUAYI MS8217A/MS8217 with my limited hobbyist grade tools. This multimeter compares well with the more expensive and more widely used TENMA. I used this myself and so far I’m quite happy with it. This multimeter has been reviewed under the name AIMOMETER here: The reviewer raised a few points […]

Where to buy electronic components

If you’re in Australia, I’d suggest RS-Online (http://au.rs-online.com/web/). Those guys are great, local Australian office, ship the next few days, toys arrive within 1 week. All components are complete with original data-sheets from manufacturers. Before RS-Online, I did buy from Jaycar but I got doubtful about the manufacturers of their products. They carry lots of […]