Smiley driver

  • How cool is that to have someone thanking you for letting them merge in traffic jam?


  • How cool is that to be able to say this to the cute guy stopping behind you?


Now you can do that with the gadget designed by us: JAYVEE smiley car sign/display/LCD.

We created this product with the hope that it would allow you to positively express your creativity and sense of humour on the roads and make your journeys more delightful. Before starting the project, we envisioned that it would be cool if cars in the city lighted up with the same message such as national flag or the city’s football club mascot or a smiling face thanking a fellow driver for giving way. This product allows you to store:
+ 3 short messages : a message is used when you want to communicate to another driver such as “thank you”, “sorry” or “please keep safe distance”. A short button press would display the corresponding message for 10 seconds.
+ 3 permanent signs : these signs are statically displayed. The signs can be your slogan, your company logos … etc. The sign can be changed by holding the button for longer than 3 seconds.

For public safety, we have implemented the following features:

  • The display does not blink/flash or scroll to draw attention
  • The display is fitted with an ambient light sensor and will reduce the brightness at dark to avoid glaring.
  • The display with an acceleration sensor doesn’t receive commands from buttons when you’re making a turn, brake or acceleration. So please DO NOT use the display in these situations. The permanent signs should only be changed when the vehicle is in complete stop.
  • Each short message is signed with a special signature to prevent abusive messages. Common messages can be downloaded from our website. If you’d like to create the message yourself, you can send us the photo and we will sign it. Users are free to change the permanent signs.

You may not be allowed to display P-plate/L-plate or other compulsory plates required by transport authority by using electronic devices

Despite the fact that we have considered some rules and guidelines specified by Australian transport organisations and designed this product accordingly, human attitude will be the ultimate factor for road safety. These are a few documents that we have learnt from:
a. Queensland Vehicles Standards (G24.0)
b. Section 9 of Design Guidelines for Roadside Advertisement


Here’s my collection of signs:

  1. Senior On Board
  2. I love Melbourne
  3. Happy Holidays
  4. Get Home Safely
  5. Baby On Board


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