First test run of MAX1000 kit

After having the MAX1000, I quickly added max1000 project under the recon-0. Copied from the bemicro_max10 project, updated input frequency, updated pin-out to fit the max1000, done.

Lauched Intel Quartus SDK NIOS shell and generate a new bsp. From software application point of view, it should be the same for both MAX1000 and BEMICRO MAX10 system.

Then, generate an example together with the recon_0 library.

At the end of the long compilation, you’d have the .elf generated and memory initialization files for your NIOS system.

The final step is to link the memory initialization file to the sof and generate configuration file (.pof) for the MAX10 device.

That’s it. Download it to the board.

Check it out!

So quick, so easy, I love my code 😀

So it turns out this MAX1000 USB controller includes USB-COM Port that is configured on port B. Following their datasheet, I could configure the pinout correctly and it gives me UART! I really love this feature, it saves me extra work if I want to upload data to PC.


Here’s the latest release

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