Max1000 ADC example

We’ve created an example with NIOS-II microcontroller to demonstrate on-chip ADC of MAX10 device using the MAX1000 board. The system features:
+ 80MHz system clock
+ On-chip flash to store program and fpga configuration. Program can be executed in flash.
+ 16kB RAM for Programme and Data
+ 4kB RAM for exceptions handlers
+ 32 IO pins that supports PWM, Programmable Frequency, Interrupts
+ Timer to support delay
+ UART controller with configurable baudrate
+ ADC sequencer that reads 9 analogue pins and on chip temperature sensor diode (TSD)

This system is called Recon-0a (a for analogue) based off Recon-0 system. Full source code can be downloaded here.

Arduino Serial Plot can be used to plot the pushed by the MAX1000 board.


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